Peeps Nicol, Roses, April 2020

”I have nothing but praise for the priceless spiritual and practical help we received from the Costa Brava Hospice (CBH) team. From the moment we first made contact with Melissa through the CBH website, all our worries about Brian’s inevitable death from IPF disappeared. We knew we were in good hands.

Having chosen to live out his remaining time in our sunny little apartment in Roses, our combined lack of local knowledge and language was likely to make dealing with Brian’s needs rather challenging. Melissa Levey and Tew Bunnag are fluent in Catalan as well as Spanish.

Because of the coronavirus only Melissa was able to continue to visit. In the final few weeks she handled the delivery of everything we needed – food, drugs, oxygen & equipment as well as visits from doctors and nurses. Near the end the palliative care team was called in. They swung into action despite the coronavirus, keeping Brian comfortable through a complicated drug regime.

Brian died in the late evening of 10th April 2020. Melissa was with us, a wonderful calm support. She called my chosen undertakers (Vicens of Figueres), who were exemplary throughout their dealings with us – very professional and so kind and caring.

Melissa made all the necessary arrangements with Vicens so that I would have all the right paperwork and she managed to get me repatriated to my daughter in the UK during lockdown.

I still feel the need of a daily talk with Melissa. She has become a trusted friend. I really can’t imagine how we would have coped at such a difficult time without the Costa Brava Hospice.

A heartfelt THANK YOU!”