Melissa Levey, president of the Costa Brava Hospice, explains her personal experience that prompted her to create the hospice.

“I want there to be a hospice so that no one has to experience what Manolo and I went through at the end of his life.

Manolo, 47, had lung cancer. They gave him 9 months to live. He was not strong enough to receive chemotherapy. The cancer has spread to his bones, liver, and other places. The bone metastasis caused excruciating pain. There was no pain clinic. For extreme pain, he was given an epidural once a week. In the meantime, there were various medications for minor pain and tranquilizers, the usual household medications.

Manolo said that if he had had a gun, he would have shot himself, since the pain was so unbearable.
I was helpless, the doctors, although very attentive, had no solutions. Seeing a loved one writhing in pain leaves scars for the rest of life.

From my experience working with a hospice in the UK, I now know that there is no need for anyone to die with so much added suffering. Physical, social, emotional and spiritual pain (total pain) today can be taken care of for a better experience of the dying process.

We all experience dying, but thanks to hospice care, the process can be lived in a more serene and humanized way.

Join us in making this happen. Thank you.”