Costa Brava Hospice

Costa Brava Hospice is an association that provides hospice care in the province of Girona.

The hospice philosophy promotes the care and attention of a person in all areas (physical, emotional, social and spiritual) in the moments in which he suffers an advanced disease and is near the moment of death. At the same time, she considers that family members or those close to her are equally vulnerable and may need help and attention. For this reason, our care is aimed at the entire closest family or relational unit.

For this to happen, it is necessary for society to know that it exists. For this reason, another of the basic missions of the hospice is the diffusion of this culture in society in general, and in health establishments in particular, since the latter are the usual recipients of sick people, who on many occasions end their days in their institutions, and therefore have a privileged platform for the application of all these ideas