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One of the basic premises of the hospice is the free and free provision of the service to all those who need it, without discrimination of race, beliefs or socioeconomic level.

Hospice service arises out of a social need. The moments that approach the death of a person are moments of maximum consciousness, in which it is necessary more than ever to feel the compassionate presence and the human warmth of the beings that surround us, to close the cycle under a climate of meaning and value for the uniqueness of a life.

However, and although we would like not to think about financial needs and focus on the essence of accompaniment, as happens in all initiatives, minimal funds are needed to be able to function.

The hospice financing system is a complex issue. We could say that each hospice works differently. In the UK, for example, some hospices are affiliated with the NHS, which pays part of their costs, but others are not.

In other cases, hospices are supported by the Church.

However, in general, hospices have to make an effort to raise from private sources. Often times it is individual donations and philanthropists that keep the project going.

The hospice is nourished by donations from individuals and companies sensitive to the subject and also through the organization of events and courses aimed at raising funds to be able to develop the activity.

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