Hospice at home

We currently offer hospice care at home, in which our team visits terminally ill patients in their own home, or in the hospital or residence, since many patients are admitted until the moment of death, we accompany and give support, both for themselves and their families, cooperating with the medical team to provide the best care during the transfer.

Fortunately, in our environment we have the existence of hospital palliative care units and also home care teams that perform palliative care (PADES).

However, this coverage does not cover the entire population and despite having professionals prepared for medical and psycho-emotional care, many times the depth of the moment requires support in the most existential and essential aspect of the human being. This is where hospice work and palliative teams complement and overlap.

The time that you have left in your life after determining that there are no possibilities of cure is precious time to dedicate to whatever you want, it is a very valuable time. However, many times, there is a spiral of attempts to prolong life at all costs, which enhance suffering and make it difficult for the entire family unit to live those moments with the intimacy, depth and climate of love necessary to start from peace and acceptance.

Hospice accompaniment, once the physical symptoms are controlled, is intended to care for the patient and his family in all these issues that we could include in the spiritual dimension.

The teams designated by the hospice travel where the patient resides or where he is hospitalized, in a regular and agreed manner

In the near future Costa Brava Hospice has the desire to create a physical space in which to develop the work of the hospice