Friends of the Hospice

Please become a ‘Friend’ and help us support local families facing terminal illness
by making a gift to The Costa Brava Hospice.

Our friends give on many levels both financially and with their time in many and varying capacities.

As a non profit-making organisation we will be looking for sponsorship on all levels.

Many people have offered to run fund raising events locally and we will post the details of all events held on this page.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a fund raising event or would organise one, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a massive task ahead to get the Residential Hospice open. We have identified a property and have negotiated a price with the very patient vendors who have agreed to wait until we have the funds to purchase. We will then have a building project to renovate the property and to bring it up to the standard needed for the comfort and care of our guests. Once we have reached the target to buy the property we will post regular update photos until the build is completed and we can open our doors.

Of course this is just the beginning as a not for profit organisation we will always needs funds to provide our services into the future.

All and any help will be most appreciated.